Espiritu Santo Catholic School models the teachings of the Roman Catholic faith, provides an excellent academic, Christ-centered education in a safe environment, and inspires all to love and serve as Jesus did.

Statement of Beliefs

Because our Catholic Faith is the reason for our existence, Espiritu Santo Catholic School:

• Follows the Gospel message, and strives to strengthen our faith community through participation in Eucharistic liturgies, sacramental celebrations and daily prayer for all in need of God’s love.

• Is committed to the goal of academic excellence based on educationally sound, developmentally appropriate, Christ-Centered curriculum which leads to wisdom and encourages the total development of the student as a lifelong learner.

• Is committed to providing each child with the opportunity to grow and develop with respect and dignity for God, oneself, and one’s neighbor.

• Strives to build a secure foundation for the future by heightening students’ and families’ awareness and sense of responsibility toward issues of peace and social justice.

• Strives to provide a positive environment conducive to learning about all disciplines and sciences; and, teaching about human life and the world by joining the discoveries of human wisdom with God’s truths revealed in the Gospel.

• Seeks to build community and loving relationships among students and families, faculty, and parish staff, fostering mutual respect and the desire to serve without distinction.

• Seeks the support of parents and the parish community for its various programs and offers opportunities for all who are committed to our mission to share time, talents, and treasures and join us in shaping our future and reaching our full potential.

• Encourages the sharing of spiritual and temporal goods with those in need, enabling our students to enrich lives, and providing a foundation for service to the Church and community.