The Espiritu Santo Gifted Program challenges our students through enrichment and accelerated coursework. Our curriculum promotes critical thinking and reasoning skills and facilitates opportunities for learning. The students are encouraged to develop and expand their cognitive skills, while utilizing differentiated strategies for learning.


Stage 1: Referral

Students may be referred by parents, teachers, counselor or administrators.

Stage 2: Screening

Students must score in the ninetieth percentile on the KBIT-2 Screening. 

Stage 3: Evaluation

Students must score 130 or higher on an IQ assessment, score at the ninetieth percentile or higher on standardized testing, and/or score at 3.0 or higher on a gifted characteristic checklist completed by teachers. 


Grades: Kindergarten – Fifth

Students are grouped by grade levels to engage in Science and Social Studies units of study which integrate Reading, Language Arts and Math. Students will develop and practice critical thinking and logical problem-solving skills through research, experimentation, use of technology, and STEM projects. Each semester will conclude with a culminating project with the goal of developing advanced communication skills through presentations, speeches and the integration of technology. 

Middle School: Grades Sixth – Eighth 

In addition to the units of study, middle school students will participate in yearbook, newspaper or video production. They will plan each project, conduct interviews, take videos and pictures, create the end product with the use of technology and share the product with the school community.


Dr. Karen Micko: kmicko@escschool.org