Academic Excellence at Espiritu Santo Catholic School

Espiritu Santo Catholic School (ESCS) is a faith-filled community that reflects its Catholic identity not only by name, but also through the people who embody the school and parish. The students, teachers, parents and community members demonstrate the four components of Catholic Identity, namely message, community, worship and service, each day. ESCS and the parish have a true sense of belonging through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Christian formation is an integral part of the daily curriculum. Each day starts with a prayer broadcast on our student-run internal TV broadcast. A prayer composed by the class of 2006 is said after lunch each day in order to remind students to give thanks for all of their blessings.

At every grade level, children have weekly, dedicated classroom time to learning about our Catholic faith and Christian values. Our Pre-School students spend time weekly in our prayer chapel learning about different aspects of our faith at an age appropriate level. As students progress in age to the upper grades, they learn about the history of our Church and the figures who have helped to define our faith through their teaching and examples. All of our teachers and staff have participated in the Catechist Certification Program.