Congratulations to our Espiritu Alumni who made Principal’s Honor Roll and Honor Roll at Jesuit High School for their strong academic performances in the fall 2018 semester. Students listed on the Principal’s Honor Roll earned no grade lower than an ‘A’ in any class, and Honor Roll students earned no grade lower than a ‘B.’ We are extremely proud of their achievements and wish them continued success.

Principal Honors

 Espiritu Alumni Class of 2018 

Daniel Vargas-Boggiano

Matthew Justin

Jaden Nelson 

Espiritu Alumni Class of 2017

 Sam Carollo 

Michael Rooth 

Espiritu Alumni Class of 2016

 Mark Rumsey 

Honor Roll

Espiritu Alumni Class of 2018 

Kevin Grady

Espiritu Alumni Class of 2017 

Joey Aschenbrenner 

Tyler Corish

Jack Delp

Colin Lawrence

 Brayden Hanrahan

Espiritu Alumni Class of 2016 

Tyler Beach

Brandon Ruel

Alfonso Vargas-Boggianno

Espiritu Alumni Class of 2015

Connor Stuart