STEM Challenge Brings Joy To Students

STEM Challenge Brings Joy To Students

Valuable Lessons Learned During Science Class
Students in Mrs. Staggs’ seventh grade science class completed a STEM activity in whichthey were challenged to design a house made of cardboard that was both aesthetically appealing and able to withstand “hurricane force” winds. They researched hurricanes and home design. Additionally, they worked with a budget to “purchase” materials to build their house. The project culminated with a wind test: a leaf blower was used to simulate hurricane force winds.

National Junior Honor Society Recognized For Community Service

National Junior Honor Society Recognized For Community Service
Our National Junior Honor Society Students were recognized this week by St. Vincent de Paul for creating and executing their extremely successful “A Can For A Gram” program which benefited the organizations Community Kitchen and Resource Center. The student’s efforts helped families struggling with hunger and homelessness. Thank you to our entire Espiritu community for your continued support of our students and neighbors.

Brownie Troop 1041: Getting The Word Out On How To Help Our Environment

Did you know: 

One plastic bottle takes over 450 years to break down

50 billion water bottles are sold every year but only 23% are re-cycled

More than 1 million animals die each year by becoming trapped in or eating plastic garbage

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a ‘trash island’ that weighs more than 100 million tons

Please support our troop and the environment by using re-usable water bottles 

Luck Of The Draw Winners 2019

Monday: March 4

$50: Maria and Mario Suarez

$100: Shirley Drake

$500: The Lott Family

Wednesday: March 6

$50: Dawn Cusumano

$100: The Burriesci Family

$500: Kelly Loscalzo

$500: The Pettersen Family (Special Drawing For Families That Sold More Than Ten Tickets)

Friday: March 8

$50: The Donaldson Family

$100: The Pettersen Family

$500: Joe Aschenbrenner

Monday: March 11

$50: Zoey/Wisdom Lant

$100: Darlene Jones

$500: Amanda Sanchez

Wednesday: March 13

$50: Don Janish

$100: Kathy Castano

$500: Kelly Loscalzo

Friday: March 15

$50: Monica Murack

$100: Michael D. Greer, Ph.D.

$500: Peter and JoAnn Coyne

Monday: March 18

$50: D. Winkler

$100: Jackie Marn

$500: The Bolton Family

Tuesday: March 19

$50: Joanne Kane

$100: Axhira Sullivan

$500: Karen Kurzdorfer

Wednesday: March 20

$50: Anthony and Gladys DeLouza 

$100: MaryJo Arnold

$500: George Hanna

Thursday: March 21

$50: Johanna Wares

$100: The Rordam Family

$500: Axhira Sullivan

Friday: March 22

$50: Georgia Head

$100: Katie Carmichael

$500: Patrick Rollo

Monday: March 25

$50: Amy Rodriguez

$100: D. Winkler

$500: The Donaldson Family

Wednesday: March 27

$50: Jennifer DiSipio

$100: Scott Bursey

$500: Kim Jacke

Friday: March 29

$50: The Sitarski Family

$100: The Schroeder Family

$500: Hieu Tran

Espiritu Students Excel In Mighty Mu Math Competition

Espiritu Students Excel In Mighty Mu Math Competition

Espiritu competed in last Saturday’s Mighty Mu Packer Invitational Math Competition at Largo High. 2 teams of 4 students each from sixth grade math, Pre-algebra and Algebra I (24 students total) competed against 311 students from 14 different schools throughout Pinellas County. Each student competed in a 60-minute 30-question individual test, followed by a team-based round of twelve questions. Each school also competed in a 30 question Intraschool competition, in which Espiritu earned third place. Espiritu placed 2nd overall in the school Sweepstakes, which compares the highest average score per person per school. Awesome job mathletes!

Chemical Reactions: Combining Science, Learning and Fun

Students in Mrs. Staggs’ eighth grade science class learned about chemical reactions through a hands on laboratory activity. In this inquiry based lab, students mixed household substances and made observations to determine whether or not a chemical reaction occurred. Students mixed water, dish soap, food coloring, hydrogen peroxide, and dry yeast to produce a warm, colorful foam they could touch. Experiments like this help students visualize concepts and make connections in ways that would not otherwise be possible.

Espíritu Diocesan Math Bowl

Last Friday, Espiritu hosted an elementary school Math Bowl for grades third through fifth. We had 144 mathletes from twelve different schools in the Diocese of St. Petersburg here competing. Our twelve mathletes from Espiritu did an amazing job.  Our students placed in the following categories: 

Fourth grade: 

Second place overall in the Fact Blast category where students had to answer as many addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems as they could in two minutes. 

Fifth grade swept the individual competitions:

First, Second and Third place in Fact Blast 

First, Second and Third place in Mental Math

First and Second place in the team competition Logical Reasoning

Overall school winner for fifth grade

We are so proud of our mathletes!

Academically Gifted Program: Building Mechanical Computers

The third through eighth grade Academically Gifted Program students have been building mechanical computers powered by marbles using Turing Tumble kits. They are having a ton of fun while learning about coding and how computers work. Here is what the fifth graders had to say about their experience with Turing Tumble: “Turning Tumble is a fun, addictive, and complex game where you collaborate with friends to build a mechanism using plastic gears and marbles. The goal is to complete specific patterns according to the instructions for that level. Each level gets harder and new pieces are introduced as the tasks become more complex. Turing Tumble is a challenging, but fun and creative game that is great for everyone.”