Before the Catholic elementary school was established, the Espiritu Santo Church solved the need for a Catholic Parish in 1960. As the parish numbers grew and building started being built due to the overflow of Masses, social gatherings, church activities, and religious education classes, there was also a need for more classroom buildings. In 1999, our Pastor, FR. Gregg Tottle decided that the parish would build an institution.

Today that institution is over 4000 members strong and provides excellence in education for 420 students in Pre-K through eighth grade. At Espiritu Santo Catholic Elementary School we challenge each and every student to reach his or her academic potential, encourage them to explore their faith to the fullest, and inspire others through services to act as reflections of Christ.

Curriculum Highlights and Student Life

At Espiritu Santo we understand that students grow in competence and confidence during their fundamental years of schooling. They also develop a heightened awareness of the world around them as well as their self. Our curriculum focuses on creating a balance of academic fundamentals with creative explorations so that the child can develop as a whole.

Grades K-4 attending Espiritu Santo Catholic Elementary School will be able to:

  • Learn fundamental concepts in math and science

  • Develop competence in reading and writing

  • Learn to work both independently and collaboratively

  • Grow in their faith through worship, sacrament, and study: We offer our students daily opportunities to grow in their faith. We also provide: weekly liturgy, daily prayer, and prayer services as well as preparation for First Holy Communion and Confirmation.

  • Weekly lessons in Essential subjects: Spanish, Media, Physical Education, Technology, Music and Art: Essential Courses are fundamental classes that contribute to the development of the whole child.

Not only will our Catholic elementary school students exposed to a balanced curriculum, they also have a wide range of extra-curricular to choose from that will help spark interests and encourage development individually. We offer:

  • Chorus

  • Band (for those in grades 4-8)

  • Guitar Lessons (for those in grades 3-8)

  • Boy Scouts (for those in grades 1-8)

  • Girl Scouts (for those in grades K-8)

  • Robotics Club (for those in grades 1-4)

  • Odyssey of the Mind (for those in grades K-8)

  • Student Council

  • National Junior Honor Society

  • Service: We have several on-going programs with Best Buddies, Pinellas Hope, American Heart Association, Kimberly Home and Catholic Education Week- 1000 Works of Service

  • Athletics: Boys: Baseball, soccer, basketball, track, golf, volleyball. Girls: Volleyball, basketball, soccer, cheerleading, track, golf and softball.

  • ESCNN Our very own morning news program produced in-house

  • And many more

We also strive to strengthen our community and build loving relationships among students and families, faculty. Espiritu Santo Catholic Elementary School seeks parent and community support and asks they join us in helping students reach their full potential.

Espiritu Santo Catholic Elementary School

The mission of Espiritu Santo, under the guiding gifts of the Holy Spirit, is to pass on the beliefs and teachings of the Roman Catholic Faith, to encourage students to reach out to others in a caring, Christian way, and to offer students an enriched, academic, Christ-centered education in a disciplined environment.

This is an exciting time for ESCS as we continue to concentrate on advancements in technology and adding to our already abundant list of extra-curricular activities all while continuing our Catholic elementary school tradition of academic excellence and spiritual formation. For more information on what we offer, to schedule a tour of our campus, or to register and become a part of academic excellence, inspired by His love, led by the spirit, call us at 727.812.4650.