Sending your child to a catholic school is the best way to help their education grow in tandem with their faith. Since 2001, Espiritu Santo has been a firmly rooted part of the community and offers students  the ability to achieve greatness in their academic potential and explore their faith to the fullest.

The Value of a Catholic School Education

While there is nothing wrong with education received from a public school, there is no substitute to the religious-based teachings of a catholic school education. Aside from the traditional academic teachings, students at Espiritu Santo are taught the morals of the Catholic faith. Some of these include:

  • Scripture: In the classroom and at daily prayer and weekly services, the teachings and lessons of the Bible are presented to the students. They are also exposed to themes related to sacrament preparation such as First Holy Communion and Confirmation. Students are encouraged to ask questions during this time and participate as lectors, choir members and gift bearers.
  • Service: Service is a daily part of student life at Espiritu Santo Catholic School. Students of all grades and ages are encouraged to help others through service projects like Best Buddies and Pinellas Hope. Every grade is partnered with a service program, which allows students to know more about their community.
  • Relationships: Espiritu Santo students are taught to create loving and respectful relationships with everyone around them. Gospel teachings promote the Ten Commandments and the law of love so that all students may have moral clarity. We have created a community united under our love of God where all members including teachers, families and friends are treated with love and respect.

Academics and Student Life at Espiritu Santo

At Espiritu Santo, we provide quality instruction and a rigorous curriculum. Catholic school students will receive a comprehensive understanding of math, history and scientific concepts while we help improve their skills in reading, writing and grammar. Students are also exposed to Spanish language studies as well as physical education and music/art fundamentals. Leadership opportunities are also important to our students and they begin even at a young age to step up and serve as role models for their fellow classmates.

We want our students to be well rounded outside the classroom as well. We offer many opportunities for students to enrich their education with extracurricular activities like dance classes, chorus, band and scouting programs. Older students can join Robotics or Odyssey of the Mind to not only challenge their minds but to have fun with other members of their community.

Financial Assistance

We never want the price tag to discourage a family from giving their child the best catholic school education possible. Espiritu Santo offers financial assistance and there are many scholarships and grants available for a large span of a child’s education.

Espiritu Santo Catholic School

If you have been looking at catholic schools  for your child, then turn your search to Espiritu Santo. We provide a safe and loving environment for children to learn the teachings of the Catholic faith as well as achieve academic excellence. We want to help your child grow and develop with respect and dignity for God, themselves and for everyone around them. We encourage parents to participate in their child’s journey and hope that they will join as members of our parish as well.

If you would like to learn more about our curriculum and how successful your child can be here, contact us today at 727.812.4650 to schedule a tour.