Espiritu Santo Catholic School centers on faith, but the benefits that a child reaps from their education go far beyond the spiritual realm. When your child starts attending school, he or she will be given structure, they will form new habits, and they will imitate role models.  Read on to find out why the school you choose will play a large role in the formation of your child.

Create Wholesome Structure

Children develop well within structured environments. The structure of our Catholic school gives them a clear understanding of expectation and allows them to feel control over their life because they know their place, their schedule, and the consequences of their actions. Children learn to accept the structure that life sets for them without deciphering whether it is good or bad for them. They follow the examples placed before them as a matter of course.

If the course is wholesome, their structure holds them up and allows them to flourish. If their structure is faulty, it could serve as an impediment to the early stages of their development. At Espiritu Santo Catholic School, we structure our programs based on:

  1. The Gospel message
  2. Academic excellence
  3. Growth and development
  4. Responsibility towards issues of peace and social justice
  5. Knowledge and wisdom
  6. Community and loving relationships
  7. Realizing every child’s full potential
  8. Service to the Church and the community

Development of Good Habits

People are creatures of habit, and since children spend a significant portion of their childhood and adolescence in school, that is where many of their life-long habits form. We understand the importance that routines play in the future of your child’s academics, friendships, character, and capacity to serve as an active member of their community.

We all know the strenuous work it takes to break a habit. Indeed, it is easier to form a new habit than to break an old one and this is one of the reasons why a child who goes to Espiritu Santo Catholic School is off to an excellent start that will put them at an advantage in their future education.

If a child develops bad habits early on, they will need to break them to replace them with more wholesome alternatives. This process is a strenuous task. It requires great willpower and persistence and not every child will be willing to face the task of overcoming bad habits.

You can help them by providing an environment which inspires sound practices from the start.

Children are impressionable. They notice every detail around them and they are experts at mimicking. We are well aware of their impressionability, and work with your child to establish lifelong healthy habits that will benefit their growth and the development of the community as a whole.

Quality Catholic School Role Models

Children are often told, “Do as I say, not as I do”. The duplicity of words versus actions creates conflict in a child who has not yet learned the ways of the world. A double standard is illogical to a child’s young mind and makes it hard for them to obey even when they wish to.

Of course, we have not reached perfection as human beings, but our faculty and parish staff at Espiritu Santo Catholic School are committed to setting good examples through word and deed. We know that your child will imitate, and it is up to us to give them good examples. We do this by:

  • Serving the church
  • Serving local communities
  • Involving the families of our students
  • Encouraging sharing with those who are in need
  • Creating a positive environment
  • Committing to academic excellence

Tour Espiritu Santo Catholic Elementary School

If you are interested in securing your child with a trusty structure, the opportunity to develop healthy habits, and to grow under the guidance of influential mentors, give Espiritu Santo Catholic School a call at 727.812.4650. We will be glad to discuss the needs of your child, explain our program, and schedule a tour of our beautiful campus.