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Christian School | East Lake

escs-bookfair-art-1If you live in East Lake and want your children to attend a Christian school, look no further than Espiritu Santo Catholic School. At our establishment, we honor God’s Word in all that we do. From daily prayer and liturgical practices to Bible-based teachings, we aim to walk by faith while encouraging our students to do the same.

Individualized Education with a Christian Mission

The Roman Catholic faith is central to our mission, and we are committed to helping attendants become lifelong learners. We offer instruction to early childhood, elementary, and middle grades. Every child in East Lake is made in the image of Christ, but each has unique traits and gifts. For this reason, we individualize instruction at our Christian school so that your son or daughter can become their best self. This is also made possible by creating a secure and safe instructional environment where they can speak freely without judgment. When someone feels comfortable and supported, they are more likely to try new things and take healthy risks, which is what learning is all about!

Instead of silencing our East Lake pupils and seeing them only as their standardized test performance, we are dedicated to encouraging individuality. At Espiritu Santo, the lessons are Christ-centered, and the Gospel plays a significant role in our teachings. Every staff member aims to serve as Jesus did, and we encourage our attendants to do so, as well. By acknowledging how sin separates us from God and recognizing the gravity of His Son’s sacrifice, we can better understand the opportunity we have for eternal life. Day in and day out, Espiritu Santo students get to practice living and serving as Jesus did.

Academic Essentials

Some private education facilities in East Lake adhere to values of the church but skimp on academics. We are a Christian school first and foremost, but our education programs are also vast and challenging. Like most establishments, your children will study mathematics, as well as English and science. However, Espiritu Santo goes above and beyond by offering what we like to call the ‘Essentials,’ which includes:

  • Drama and music
  • Technology
  • Spanish
  • Media
  • Art

No East Lake child should miss the opportunity to explore these subjects, so we make them an essential component of our curriculum. To foster individual gifts, children need the chance to try many things. At our Christian school, we make this possible by providing an environment where your son or daughter can feel comfortable.

While we focus more on individuality than test scores, we do incorporate some of these tools for assessment. If you have questions about accreditation or standardized testing, please reach out to our staff.

Student Life at a Christian School

Both in and outside of the classroom, we adhere to the Gospel teachings. At Espiritu Santo, children from East Lake can take part in a Christian school that has a colorful community. There are innumerable opportunities for your prized pupil to get involved:

Faith Formation – Daily prayer is part of lessons, but our faith formation practices go beyond the classroom. Patrons attend weekly liturgy to honor the Sacrament, and older grades team with younger pupils as Prayer Partners. Living by example is one of the best teaching tools there is, and we get everyone involved in the effort!

Community Traditions – You can take part in a number of community traditions throughout the year, including mass services, Trunk N’ Treat, Grandparent’s Day, the talent show, and more! With so many fun events in store, you get to take part alongside your kids.

Service – One of our practices as a Christian school is service to those in need. Your son or daughter can get involved with Best Buddies, Kimberly Home, the Red Heart Association, Pinellas Hope, and more. Our goal is to exercise a heightened awareness to social injustices, both near and international. We serve the surrounding community, including East Lake, by practicing compassion just as Jesus did.

Performing Arts – If you have a performer in your family, there is no shortage of ways for them to take the stage. Whether they sing in the spring musical or the chorus, or they participate in band or guitar lessons, your kid has a creative outlet. We even have an in-house news program and a dance team at our Christian school.

Clubs & Activities – Not to be overlooked are Espiritu Santo Catholic’s many clubs and activities like Robotics, Boy and Girl Scouts, chess team, Odyssey of the Mind, and more!

Leadership – Jesus, Himself, was a leader who preached about compassion and God’s salvation. Your children in East Lake can learn to do this in realms like student council, National Junior Honor Society, and Prayer Partners.

Athletics – There are countless teams on which your son or daughter can compete. Check our athletic schedule to learn more about what is available!

The range of extracurricular activities creates an environment for identifying spiritual gifts and learning how to apply them. You may be wondering how we provide so many opportunities as a Christian school. We accomplish this by seeking support and assistance from parents and members of the parish.

Looking for a Christian School? Choose Espiritu Santo!

If you are still not persuaded that we are the top Christian school in the East Lake area, schedule a campus tour at Espiritu Santo Catholic. You can meet with our staff, sit in on classes, and observe our spirited community in action. We can discuss financial assistance options and scholarships, as well as extended day programs for after-hours care. Consider becoming part of the Espiritu Santo family today!