Espiritu alumni Clare Gaffney who now attends Clearwater Central Catholic High School recently visited our students in health class. Clare shared the news of her upcoming mission trip this summer. In June, she will be traveling to Sociedad Amigos de los Niños in Honduras to empower teen girls there by teaching them about hygiene, self-esteem and how to be strong women. Clare has collected and will distribute toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, hairbrushes, hair ties, notebooks, beads, shampoo and conditioner to the students she will be serving there. Below are some exciting highlights from her presentation:
  • I am doing this project because I have a desire to empower young women, and there is even more of a need in developing, poor countries like Honduras
  • So many girls don’t love themselves, feel the love of others, and the love that God has for them
  • It is my wish that every girl feels beautiful and worthy and that is why I am going down to Honduras to empower the teen girls there.
  • When girls and women are empowered in developing countries they help their community tremendously
  • By empowering women, poverty rates drop and women can start businesses
  • When women are told and feel empowered, beautiful, and able to do their jobs they can do so much good for their community
  • By focusing on the girls ages 11-14, I am able to inspire them to be a positive influence in their communities as they mature into women