The Espiritu Middle School students are working hard in their social studies and religion classes to prepare for the 2019 International Peace Day celebration. By popular vote of the students, in each class, they chose their country to study. The students then learned about the culture, physical features, history and other characteristic of their country, and are creating project boards and PowerPoints to share their findings with visitors to the Sunday festivities. However, the central focus in Middle School this year is to connect with heroes within each country.
Our Middle School students worked in teams to research, learn about, and report on modern groups of heroes, from within each country, who are working to make positive change in the world. Our students researched groups working on human rights, homelessness and hunger, literacy and education, poverty, and other issues, with a particular focus on climate change and environmental protection issues. This focus ties in with the 2019 United Nations IPD theme of Climate Action for Peace.
In their religion classes, students connected the work of the groups they researched, and the related problems they are addressing, to the Seven Themes of Catholic Social Teaching. The project and religion class focus also connects the students to the Catholic Church initiatives based on the Pope’s 2015 Encyclical: Francis: On Care for Our Common Home.
The student teams have prepared brief, high-quality, professional looking brochures and fliers for the IPD event. Visitors will be able to read and learn a little about the not-for-profit and educational organizations, and the individuals involved, who are making positive change within these countries, and about some of the projects they are undertaking. Students also reported on how these groups connect with activities right here at home; in our school, community and country. They are hoping to see you there to share in their findings.