Home & School Association – Mission Statement

The purpose of the Home and School Association (HSA) is:

  • To establish a partnership between parents and teachers to further the Mission of Espiritu Santo Catholic School;
  • To assist in developing and providing activities for spiritual advancement of the members;
  • To assist in developing and providing activities for service in the advancement of the parish and school community;
  • To assist in obtaining and distributing funds for the advancement of the scholastic needs of all students of ESCS; and
  • To collaborate with parents to be a collective voice to bring ideas and concerns to administration.

Community Update & Financial Report

Each year, HSA makes a commitment to fund a portion of the school’s operating budget.  These funds are critical to paying ongoing operational expenses (such as teachers’ salaries) and help keep tuition at an affordable rate.  HSA’s commitment to the operating budget for the 2018 – 2019 school year has been set at $90,000.  These funds are raised through a series of fundraising activities, including the annual Benefit, the Spring Golf event, Gift Shop sales, Sponsorships and Luck of the Draw.  After HSA’s $90,000 fundraising commitment to the operational budget is met, the excess funds are applied toward capital improvements/enhancements.  HSA’s Financial Plan for the 2018-2019 year (as outlined below) provides fundraising goals for each major event/program for this fiscal year.

Luck of the Draw: 33%

Fall Event: 33%

Golf Event: 7%

Gift Shop: 12%

Sponsorships: 15%

During the 2017-2018 school year, HSA’s Financial Plan met or exceeded the fundraising goals as noted below.

Luck of the Draw: 36% (met percentage allocated)

Fall Event: 33% (exceeded percentage allocated by 20%)

Golf Event: 10% (exceeded percentage allocated by 9%)

Gift Shop: 14% (exceeded percentage allocated by 3%)

Sponsorships: 7% (exceeded percentage allocated by 15%)

After satisfying HSA’s $90,000 commitment to the school’s operating budget, HSA applied additional funds raised toward tangible, capital improvements and enhanced existing ESCS programs.  These enhancements included purchasing 18 wireless microphones for Performing Arts, a GaGa pit for P.E., 10 Canon cameras/photographic printer for Art, 10 ukuleles for Music and a new Roland digital piano for Padua Hall.

2018-19 Board Members

2018-19 Board Members

President : Kathleen Nestor

Vice President: Lisa O’Connor

Treasurers: Rich & Erika Franz

Secretary: Courtney Swantek

Volunteer Coordinators: Sarah Spriet  & Katie Sullivan

Room Mom Coordinator: Leah Nesci

Contact HSA board members via email HERE.

Committees & Volunteers

Every family is asked to indicate how they would like to contribute to our school community. Keep track of your hours using the form at the end of this attachment:


Not an approved ESCS volunteer yet? Check out the requirements here:

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Contact HSA

Contact HSA board members via email HERE.