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Volunteers & Safe Environment

Parental involvement is an integral part of the ESCS experience. Last year, over 300 volunteers donated nearly 12,000 hours of their time at Espiritu Santo Catholic School. All families are required to complete a minimum number of volunteer hours each school year; please refer to the current Handbook for specific requirements.

How can I volunteer at ESCS:

Step One: Become a Diocesan-Approved Volunteer

For the safety of our children, all volunteers operating in the Diocese of St. Petersburg are required to complete a Safe Environment Program (SEP) Training Course online and submit their fingerprints for a Level II Background Check.


  1. Complete Volunteer Application and return to school office: ESCS Volunteer Application
  2. Schedule training and fingerprinting : SEP-Level II Instructions 2017 (fee is the responsibility of the volunteer)


More information can be found on the DOSP Safe Environment website.

Still have questions: Contact Mary Mansour, Registrar.

Step Two: Log On to Volunteer Matters

The ESCS Home & School Association uses a Volunteer Matters (VM) to organize and catalogue volunteer opportunities for our school community. It is very important that your volunteer time is logged in to VM for two reasons:

  1. It allows the Administration and HSA to know how each family shares their time and talent with our community during the school year.
  2. ESCS is often asked to quantify the number of volunteer hours that support our school each year (whether for grant writing purposes, or for re-accreditation, etc.), so it’s important that we have an accurate snapshot of how much time you have spent in a volunteer capacity.

Visit Our Volunteer Matters Site

ESCS Volunteer Matters Q & A

Step Three: Use Volunteer Matters to Sign Up for a Volunteer Shift

The world is your oyster. From Kindergarten groups or Lunch Room duty, to working as a Cashier in the Gift Shop or decorating for the Benefit, there are a million different ways to support ESCS with your time and talent. Just browse the opportunities posted on VM and sign up for a shift.  There should be enough information on Volunteer Matters for you to know where and when to report in for volunteer duty. If you have any questions, you can always contact the HSA Volunteer Coordinator, or call in to the School Office.

Step Four: Report for Volunteer Duty

If you are coming to volunteer at ESCS during the school day, you will be asked to log in to the security system as a “Volunteer.” Please know that this is for SECURITY PURPOSES ONLY, and this system does NOT track the time you spend volunteering (one of the more popular ESCS “urban legends”). Instead, volunteer hours should be recorded on your Volunteer Log (see below).

Step Five: Record Your Hours

Use the attached log to document your hours and turn in to the School Office by May 1, 2017. Please include volunteer duties that were logged in Volunteer Matters, as well as any time spent on projects that were not listed in Volunteer Matters. Questions? Contact the HSA Volunteer Coordinator.

HSA Volunteer Interest Form 16-17  (Log is located on final two pages of document.)

Example Volunteer Hours (Sample Form)

Espiritu Santo volunteers are the BEST … THANK YOU for your time, and HAVE FUN

Espiritu Santo Catholic School