Have you seen it? There’s something new in the Laura Beach Giving Garden! A brand new, beautiful sign was installed this weekend, designed by Patrick Tolliver and created/donated by Daryl Jones and his team at Florida Metal Services ( Patrick Tolliver and Matt Cox installed it by hand Friday night.

Our sincerest thank you to the many families who helped the Laura Beach Giving Garden vision become a reality for the past 2 years – led by Alicia Thacker, many families and students have gotten their hands dirty making the garden come to life. A special thanks goes out to the Tolliver, Cox, Wilkinson, Spoor, Rooth, Santana, Jones, Fensky and Thacker families. These men and women have physically worked hours for the Laura Beach Giving Garden to become what it is today … a place of life, learning and joy for the students of Espiritu Santo Catholic School. What a wonderful contribution to our community in honor of a beautiful woman, our beloved Laura Beach.