Are you in search of a private middle school in the Safety Harbor area? Espiritu Santo Catholic School aims to honor the Lord, Jesus Christ, in its mission while teaching the youth of today. An education serves an individual throughout their whole life, and we are dedicated to building that firm foundation.

The adolescent years are a time for exploration and forming one’s identity. Children may rebel against their guardians or focus on looking to their peers to better understand themselves. This can be confusing and frustrating as a parent because you want your child to feel like they belong while being their true self. At our establishment, we celebrate students as unique individuals who were created by the Father. We encourage them to pursue their unique interests, to recognize their strengths, and to try new things, all while interweaving the Word of God into everything we do.

Religion and Academics

The government drives public programs, but the love of the Lord shapes our private middle school. The members of our staff are Catholic believers, so students are surrounded by positive examples throughout their entire day.

Faith Formation: If you choose to tour our facility, you will see that our instruction and activities are all Christ-centered. Each day starts and concludes with a prayer, and we practice grace before snacks and the lunchtime meal. At Espiritu Santo, students are taught how to call on the Lord as a community, as well as individually. During the weekly liturgy, children of all ages are encouraged to participate in religious ceremonies as:

  • Cantors
  • Lectors
  • Ministers of hospitality
  • Gift bearers
  • Singers

Not only are our young scholars active participants in liturgical traditions, but we also invite parents and guardians to join us for worship each Wednesday. Additionally, we have continuous service opportunities on campus and in the Tampa Bay community.

Academic Expectations: Our private middle school reaches beyond standardized testing and the Common Core to include the Word, as well as challenging English and mathematics programs (pre-Algebra and Algebra), as well as a strong focus on physical and life sciences. Children have several opportunities for hands-on learning in our science labs. These grades take part in the Science Fair, which is a challenging and rewarding experience.

Essential Courses: We see your young scholar as a unique vessel who has been made to serve God, so we provide numerous outlets to celebrate and shape different skills. Our private middle school curriculum includes Essential Courses, which have become virtually nonexistent in public education arenas, including art, drama, music, media, technology, and Spanish. This creates a more well-rounded schooling experience for attendants of Espiritu Santo.

Student Life at our Private Middle School

In addition to Christ-centered instruction and liturgical traditions, our private middle school possesses an active community. With so many positive choices to pick from, your child is sure to be engaged. Student life includes:

  • Service
  • Leadership
  • Athletics
  • Performing Arts
  • Clubs and activities
  • Community traditions

We aim to provide a safe environment in which your child can thrive and pursue their interests and talents. Through local events, the community of Espiritu Santo reaches out to connect with nearby communities.

Consider Espiritu Santo for Private Middle School

If you are curious about our private middle school, we encourage you to come for a campus tour on Take-a-Look Tuesdays. Not only will you see how Catholic values are cemented in all that we do, but you will also have the opportunity to ask questions that you have. You will find tuition and application information on our Admissions page where you can learn more about financial assistance and our Extended Day (aftercare) program. With us, your child will be challenged academically and nurtured in Christ’s love.