At Espiritu Santo Catholic School, we believe in the importance of giving young men and women an experience that is both exciting and educational, which is why so many parents trust their children in our capable hands. The comprehensive curriculum at Espiritu Santo gives students the tools needed to develop independence and leadership skills so that they may positively impact their communities as a reflection of Christ.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our private middle school offers Safety Harbor students in grades five through eight an extensive curriculum that pairs rigorous academic concepts with Biblical moral teachings in order to better mold children’s minds. Students that attend Espiritu Santo are also encouraged to take on leadership roles within the community to both enhance their education and expand their independence.

As an academic institution that comes from the Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops, or curriculum gives students in grades five through eight the opportunity to explore and integrate math concepts in pre-algebra and algebra, expand their knowledge of earth and physical sciences, work hands-on in laboratory settings, participate in science fairs, incorporate technology in learning, and grasp the fundamentals of grammar and comprehension.

Additionally, we believe in fostering the mind with essential courses such as Spanish, media, physical education, music, and art. With our rotating electives, students can hone in on individualized abilities and have fun while learning a new skill.

Student Life

Many Safety Harbor parents worry about the lifestyle and extracurricular activities of students that attend private middle schools. At Espiritu Santo Catholic School, we believe that growth and development continues long after the school bell rings, which is why we offer a number of extracurricular activities for children to enjoy:

  • Dance

  • Chorus

  • Band

  • Guitar Lessons

  • ESCNN (morning news program produced in-house)

  • Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts

  • Robotics

  • Odyssey of the Mind

  • Student Council

  • National Junior Honor Society

  • Spring musical and Christmas performance

  • Athletics such as basketball, volleyball, baseball, soccer, cheerleading, golf, softball, and track

Faith Formation

Safety Harbor students who attend Espiritu Santo’s private middle school will be exposed to the Catholic religious faith through prayer, worship, study, and service regularly.

Liturgy: Each Wednesday, students participate in liturgy at our parish church, at which they are able to take turns participating as lectors, cantors, singers, ministers of hospitality, and gift bearers. Older students are paired with younger students to form prayer partnerships, and family members are encouraged to join the children for the service.

Daily Prayer: Students begin and end the day with community prayers, and grace is said before snacks and lunches. During their time at our institution, students will learn both formal and informal prayers in order deepen their relationships with God and enhance their faith.

About Espiritu Santo Private Middle School

Espiritu Santo Catholic School was founded to educate children to excellent academic standards and to standards of the Roman Catholic church. Our faculty members strive to follow the Gospel while following a strong educational curriculum. This provides students attending our Safety Harbor area private middle school with a well-rounded education and strengthened relationship with God.

Our mission is to provide a safe, positive environment to help students learn a sense of responsibility and learn to build loving relationships with their communities and the members of their communities.

If you are interested in enrolling your child in a private middle school serving the Safety Harbor area, consider Espiritu Santo Catholic School. We promise to give your child all the tools needed to succeed as a leader and role model. Contact us today to schedule a tour of our school!