Espiritu Santo offers a private school Catholic education for early learners through elementary and middle school students. Our programs are filled with outstanding enrichment classes to develop a student’s necessary learning skills, and they provide a solid background in the Roman Catholic faith.

We proudly provide the best in private school education to those we serve.

Essential classes include:

  • Drama
  • Art
  • Spanish
  • Media
  • Music
  • Technology

Every year we are re-accredited so that we can guarantee our students and their parents our private school’s success. We also offer student financial aid, assistance, grants, and scholarships to those individuals who qualify. We want all families to feel welcome, and something such as financial situation should never stop a child from learning with the best and the brightest.

Why Choose Private School?

At Espiritu Santo Catholic School, we believe in, “academic excellence inspired by his love and led by his spirit.” We provide exceptional academic teaching, Christ-based programs, and secure environments for students. We seek to inspire and serve as Christ did. There are many benefits to a private Catholic education, including:

  • Private schools allow for a better-rounded, faith-based environment.
  • Our school follows the gospel message. We attempt to strengthen our students by having them participate in liturgies, celebrations, and prayers.
  • We are dedicated to academic excellence. We aid children through a grounded educational foundation that inspires wisdom and encourages passionate students to emerge.
  • We are dedicated to giving individual attention to each child to ensure that they receive the best education and assistance that they need to succeed.
  • We build a curriculum that centers around teachings of love, respect, peace, social justice, awareness, and growth.
  • Our school encourages positivity in every instance and teaches all disciplines and sciences of human life and the world around us by combining human knowledge with the truths of God.
  • We aim to create stronger, more loving relationships among students, families, and staff.
  • Espiritu Santo also seeks support from parents by offering opportunities for them to share their talents and time, and to assist us in shaping the lives of our students, helping guide them to their full potentials.
  • We also encourage students to help mold the community by utilizing outreach programs designed to allow students to walk in His footsteps through giving and dedicated collaborations.

What Programs and Classes are offered at Espiritu Santo?

Espiritu Santo Catholic School strives to offer your children the best private school educational foundations available. We offer a wide arrange of courses that meet with the natural development of young minds. We blend our services with the teachings of God to ensure students emerge prepared for life and service to Jesus.

Early education learning includes:

  • Hands-On Activities
  • Discovering Abilities
  • Focusing on Building Relationships
  • Developing of Fine Motor Skills
  • Exploring Reading, Writing, and Numbers
  • Incorporation of Spanish, Media, Physical Education, Music & Art

Students in our private school program also have the opportunity to attend full or half days two, three, or five days per week. We are excited to host enrichment programs that explore customs and traditions from around the world. We also offer dance classes for your movers and shakers.

K-4 Curriculum Includes:

  • Core Math and Science Classes
  • Reading and Writing
  • Exploration of Independence
  • Faith-Based Prayer and Study
  • Essentials such as Spanish, Media, Physical Education, Music, and Art
  • We also begin to incorporate other classes such as Chorus, Band, Guitar, Boy and Girl Scouts, Robotics Club, Chess Club, Odyssey of the Mind, track, Floor Hockey, Student Council, and more.

Middle School 6-8 Includes:

  • Encouragement of Leadership Roles
  • Incorporation of Pre- Algebra and Algebra
  • Earth and physical science
  • Lab and Science Fairs
  • Technology
  • Enhanced Essential Subjects in Spanish, Technology, Physical Education, Music, and Art
  • Elective Classes
  • Cheerleading
  • The Performing Arts
  • Chess Club
  • Student Council
  • National Junior Honor Society

See and feel the private school difference. We promise that you will be thrilled with your child’s learning and strengthened belief. Call 727.812.4650 for more information or to enroll your student now. We look forward to serving you and your children in God.