The sixth-grade social studies students are learning about the first civilizations which developed in the Fertile Crescent, the area of the world known today as the Middle East. Rather than just reading about each ancient group of people in the region, the students took on the role of a recruiter. They were challenged to promote their civilization to star citizens who were looking for a good place to live.
Each group was assigned a civilization to study.  After gathering information from the text and online, they had to decide how they would teach the class about the civilization and also advertise it. Some groups created PowerPoint presentations, mimicking newspaper or magazine ads. Others wrote and presented skits, imitating television commercials. Would you want to join the Babylonians and visit their famous Hanging Gardens, race one of the first chariots invented by the Hittites and Kassites, chose the security of the powerful Assyrian army, live next to the famous Chaldean leader Nebuchadnezzar, or sail the Mediterranean with the Phoenicians? After such quality presentations, potential citizens were left with a difficult decision.