At Espiritu Santo Catholic School, students have daily opportunities to grow in their faith through prayer, worship, study, and service. Themes studied during Religion classes mirror concepts reviewed during sacrament preparation (First Holy Communion and Confirmation).

Weekly Liturgy
Every Wednesday, students in grades K – 8 participate in school-wide liturgy at our parish church. The homerooms in grades 3 – 8 take turns hosting each liturgy, and all students have the opportunity to participate as lectors, cantors, singers, ministers of hospitality, and gift bearers. Prayer Partners sit with each other to model reverence for each other; students from grades K & 7, grades 1 & 6 and grades PK4 and 5 (for the second half of the year) are paired together. Parents and friends are always encouraged to worship with us on Wednesdays.
Daily Prayer
Daily prayer is an important part of student life. Our school day begins and ends in prayer. We pause for grace before lunch and snack. We spend time praying together as a community, and individually as disciples of Christ. Students at Espiritu Santo are taught to use both formal prayer (such as the Rosary) and informal prayer (“Come, Holy Spirit!”) to enrich their faith and bring them to a closer relationship with God.
Prayer Services
Once a month, homerooms in grades K through 2 take turns hosting a Prayer Service in Padua Hall. Prayer Services are open to our whole community and include readings, songs and prayer. This is often a young student’s first opportunity to speak the Word of God in a community setting, and our students take great pride in that role. It is a stepping-stone to leading the school-wide liturgies in grades 3 – 8.