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Values Based Education | Clearwater

ESCS-ShieldLogo-300Espiritu Santo Catholic School of Clearwater offers student’s a values based education that will give them what they need to be successful in their future, both in and out of the classroom. With a community that is over 4,000 strong, we are committed to giving students the tools they need to succeed in a Catholic environment.


In the classroom, during daily prayer and at weekly services, students are exposed to the teachings and lessons of the Bible. They will also receive sacrament preparation for their First Holy Communion and Confirmation. We encourage students to ask questions during this time and participate as lectors, choir members and gift bearers.


Service is a daily part the values based education offered at Espiritu Santo. Students of all grades and ages are encouraged to help others through service projects in the Clearwater area, including Best Buddies and Pinellas Hope. Every grade is partnered with a service program, which benefits both the local programs and allows students to know more about their community.


Our students are taught how to form both loving, as well as respectful relationships with their peers, teachers, families, and everyone else around them. Gospel teachings promote the Ten Commandments and the law of love so that all students may have moral clarity. With our values based education, we have created a community united under our love of God where all members including teachers, families and friends are treated with love and respect.

Statement of Beliefs for Values Based Education

Espiritu Santo’s program models the teachings of the Roman Catholic faith and is committed to the goal of academic excellence based on educationally sound and developmentally appropriate curriculum. Doing so in a safe environment inspires our students to learn, love, and serve as Jesus did and leads to wisdom and encourages the total development of the student that will lead to lifelong learning.

Our values based education follows the Gospel message, and also strives to strengthen our faith community through participation in Eucharistic liturgies, sacramental celebrations and daily prayer for all in need of God’s love. ESCS is also fully committed to:

  • Providing each child with the opportunity to grow and develop with respect and dignity for God, oneself, and one’s neighbor is part of our daily commitment.
  • Building a secure foundation for the future by heightening both students’ and families’ awareness and sense of responsibility toward issues that involve social justice and peace.
  • Providing students with a positive environment conducive to learning about all disciplines and sciences; and within a values based education, teaching about human life and the world by joining the discoveries of human wisdom with God’s truths revealed in the Gospel.
  • Building community as well as nurturing loving relationships among students and families, faculty, and parish staff, fostering mutual respect and the desire to serve without distinction.

Espiritu Santo Catholic School of Clearwater

Serving the families of Clearwater, Safety Harbor, Palm Harbor, and beyond, Espiritu Santo Catholic School provides more than 400 students in Pre-K through 8th grade an excellence in education with the belief in the unique gifts of every child. Through our values based education, each student is challenged to reach his or her academic potential, encouraged to explore their faith, and inspired through service to act as reflections of Christ for the Clearwater community and the rest of the world.

For more information on our curriculum, taking a tour of our campus, or beginning the application process, give Espiritu Santo of Clearwater a call today at (727) 812-4650. While school advancements continue to grow and change, Espiritu Santo’s total commitment to nurture the whole child through Catholic education remains constant.